Cami Petyn – “Static”

By Will Oliver, January 26th 2020 Electro Pop Listen New Pop Stream

Los Angeles artist Cami Petyn has just released her debut single “Static, an alt-pop track that balances some weighty topics on its mind.

With a soulful and strong vocal performance, Petyn floats above some icy electronic synth production behind her. Lyrically she talks about overcoming anxiety finding catharsis within the electronic soundscapes.

Here’s a bit of background about the track from Petyn herself:

The song, “Static”, was birthed while having an existential crisis one night. I was panicking about the future, knowing I wanted to pursue music, but at the same time being full of such extreme self-doubt and anxiety. To say it lightly- I was an anxious wreck that night. Until, I decided to try to write about what I was feeling as a form of catharsis. And thus, a couple hours later, “Static” was born. Quite beautiful poetic irony that this is now my debut single as an official artist.

Enjoy a listen to “Static” below.

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