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Artwork by Anthony Bauer
Just like with music, there are so many new films out there and just not enough time to watch them all. Although it’s amazing that it’s easier to find all sorts of movies with just the click of a button, it’s impossible to watch it all. But when not at a show or blasting my favorite records, most of my spare time is spent in the cinema trying to find the next great movie.

2019 provided no shortage of great movies, a lot of truly great films came out and all throughout the year. We are weeks away from the Academy Awards and it seems like there is no true lock for Best Picture yet, which suggests just how good the year was.

On Monday, we ran our worst films of the year, which is usually a much easier task than the making of this best of list. These were all films we loved, from the biggest of blockbusters to the smallest art-house releases. So many sites seem to favor one or the other and we hope that we played fair. A good movie is a good movie, no matter the budget or marketing team behind it.

Here are 40 of my favorite movies of 2019. Stay tuned for our best of the decade coming sometime very soon as well.

40. The Mustang

39. Clemency

38. Luce

37. The Art of Self-Defense

36. Joker

35. Amazing Grace

34. The Nightingale

33. A Hidden Life

32. Dark Waters

31. Honey Boy

30. Dolemite Is My Name

29. Ford v Ferrari

28. Rocketman

27. Portrait of a Lady on Fire

26. I Lost My Body

25. Little Women

24. The Peanut Butter Falcon

23. Apollo 11

22. Pain and Glory

21. Jojo Rabbit

20. John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

19. Avengers: Endgame

18. Waves

17. A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

16. Wild Rose

15. Toy Story 4

14. The Lighthouse

13. Midsommar

12. Knives Out

11. Blinded by the Light

10. The Last Black Man in San Francisco

9. Ad Astra

8. Booksmart

7. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

6. The Farewell

5. Uncut Gems

4. The Irishman

3. 1917

2. Parasite

1. Marriage Story

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