Witch’s Wall – “Lady Love”

By Will Oliver, January 21st 2020 Listen Stream

Witch’s Wall are a band out of Birmingham, Alabama who make “a seamless brew of dreamy indie pop and psychedelia-shaded experimental rock.”

With their new track “Lady Love” they have most certainly proved all of these things true, with the song that made them nostalgic for a time 20 years ago when their favorite band was The Sea & The Cake.

“Lady Love” captures a slick and tender thoughtful nature that is perfectly adorned with lush vocals and affectionate instrumentation and flourishes with great attention to detail all around. It’s a lovely offering one that feels like a mix between acts like The Sea & Cake and Grizzly Bear.

Enjoy a listen to “Lady Love” below and stay tuned for more on their upcoming debut album out later this year via Cornelius Chapel Records.


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