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London outfit Leif Erikson are preparing the release of their new EP Question Time, recently sharing the title track and lead single, a track that tackling the issues of climate change and ineffective politicians. Certainly topics we can all appreciate no matter where we are in the world.

The track shines with a polished production style that operates with will the band’s expansive guitar sound that pairs devilishly well with all the heavy topics that are on their mind lyrically.

Find a heartfelt description of the song from the band’s Sam Johnston below, along with a stream of “Question Time.”

Question Time is a bit of a heavier song for us. I think the intent and meaning behind the song warrants a bit more grit in the music. It’s mainly an observation of the climate crisis and the denial that many politicians seem to have around it. This bizarre laissez faire approach certain people are taking towards it is scary. In a world where energy companies look as if they have politicians in their pockets, the outlook is pretty bleak. BP adverts saying things like ‘we see possibilities everywhere’ give me pause for thought, the hypocrisy of it is astounding. The language in the song is quite hyperbolic, monsters and death, but I think it’s important to paint a scary picture at this juncture. Would you rather maintain a comfortable status quo and risk destruction or listen to the facts and make a better future for the people of the world? Rant over.“

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