Bayleigh Cheek – “Release Me”

By Will Oliver, January 12th 2020 Listen Stream

Bayleigh Cheek is a singer-songwriter out of Texas who is preparing the release of her upcoming new EP, which will feature her newly released single “Release Me.”

What shines through immediately on the track is her smokey vocals which are paired perfectly by some sharp instrumentation that floats somewhere in-between an experimental folk sound and something that has a glammy shine to it. There’s a heavenly and dreamy spirit bubbling underneath the surface of it, with the song progressing as it goes along and morphing into something else entirely during it’s surging final moments.

As described, the song is about “what it means to realize you’ve believed a lie or false identity of yourself and the process of becoming free from it and knowing the truth,” with the music and composition portraying that experience.

Find a stream of “Release Me” available to listen to below.


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