Tyler Bernhardt – “House Colored Blue”

By Will Oliver, December 2nd 2019 Listen Stream

New York-based musician Tyler Bernhardt has returned with his new single “House Colored Blue,” a track that he wrote for his wife as a part of his vows in their wedding.

You can feel the love throughout the light and airy song that seen Bernhardt pour out his love in an earnest and honest fashion that is paired perfectly with a sunny and upbeat melody.

This is something that Bernhardt agrees with and points out in his description of the track:

It is one of the more upbeat songs I have written, reflecting childhood musical influences and then some. The lyrics list off a hand full of cherished memories that shaped our relationship and led us to our big day. Some stories within the lyrics will be easily understood, while some, you may have to know us to understand, but one thing is very cool about this song- although it is extremely personal, I feel like it can really speak to a lot of other couples.

This is perfect for some easy-listening on a warm summer day, with your own loved one paired at your side.

Enjoy a listen to “House Colored Blue” below.


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