Mint Julep – “Blended”

By Will Oliver, December 2nd 2019 Listen Stream

Mint Julep, the husband-and-wife duo of Keith and Hollie Kenniff have returned with their new offering “Blended,” the first single taken from their new album Stray Fantasies, out January 31st 2020 via Western Vinyl.

“Blinded,” which is also the album opener, shines with some soaring and colorful atmospherics and 80s soundscapes that scratch that tender electronic itch in the most satisfying way. Their arrangements take your mind to a soaring place of nostalgia, also tapping into the longing for much warmer days and laid back time spent with friends.

If this is the album opener, we are excited to see what else the band has waiting for us on the rest of the album.

For now, enjoy a listen to “Blended” below.


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