Benji Moon – “No More Cowboys”

By Will Oliver, December 2nd 2019 Listen Stream

Benji Moon is a new musician who has shared his debut single “No More Cowboys,” a track that he wrote after Red Dead Redemption 2 for like 8 solid hours straight.

The track dives into some deep psych-rock grooves and vintage 60s classic rock influences, with a bit of a dreamy heavenly feeling to it.

When he dove in a bit deeper about the influence of Red Dead Redemption he explained that:

Something spoke to me about the theme of being the last of a dying breed and the nostalgia of it all. My music is heavily inspired by neo-psychedelic artists like Tame Impala and also the psych rock era of the Beatles and artists like Cream.

You can definitely feel these influences and his own stamp on the super groovy “No More Cowboys,” which is an impressive debut effort no matter how you spin it. And you can do just that below.

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