Article + Photos by Will Oliver

For the better parts of two decades, Pete Yorn has been churning out great personal records. This year he returned with his latest record Caretakers which was co-produced and co-written with Jackson Phillips of Day Wave. This collaboration has given Yorn’s sound a revamped new lease of life that shined through during his live show in Brooklyn on November 9th, where Yorn and fellow Day Wave members bassist Henry Moser and drummer Nick de Ryss brought songs both new and old to life.

After all these years this was my first time getting to see Yorn perform. Although his career began long before my venture into this arena of music blogging, I remember so many of my peers admiring Yorn’s work and slowly but surely began immersing myself as well. This same feeling was felt throughout the room during his performance at Warsaw, where his fanbase was ready to experience all those great songs that they have fallen in love with throughout the years.

Yorn’s personable and sincere storytelling style was well complimented by the members of Day Wave live which gave his songs an entirely new dimension live. Yorn also took the time to give fans a more personal approach, performing some older favorites by himself. While so many artists fade into the background after 20 years in the business, Yorn is not only holding steady but finding new ways to define both himself and his art.

Find a full gallery of photos from both Yorn’s performance as well as openers Surf Rock Is Dead posted below, along with the setlist.

Surf Rock Is Dead:

Pete Yorn:

Pete Yorn setlist:

1. Idols (We Don’t Ever Have to Say Goodbye)
2. On Your Side
3. Ect
4. I Wanna Be the One
5. Pass Me By
6. Strange Condition
7. Sleep Better
8. Pov
9. Just Another
10. Halifax
11. Can’t Stop You
12. Try
13. Turn of the Century
14. Life on a Chain
15. Murray (Pete Solo)
16. Crystal Village (Pete Solo)
17. Calm Down
18. For Nancy (‘Cos It Already Is)


19. The Man (Pete Solo)
20. June (Pete Solo)
21. Closet (Pete Solo)


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