Fort Lauderdale rapper RuudAwakening is set to release his debut album CATHARSIS on November 13th. The album comes from an important personal place for him, one that lends its title to the purification and purgation of emotions, particularly pity and fear.

When describing the basis of the album he explained that

“I wanted to create something with a lot of feeling, meaning, honesty and sincerity. I believe that I have. I want my listeners to be able to look at my core, and perhaps see themselves there as well. This music is for everybody. Catharsis is here to heal you.”

You’ll have to hang tight in the meantime to hear what the rapper has in store for us on the new album but in the meantime, you can find his store with exclusive CATHARSIS merchandise available to purchase right now. You cna also find one of his older tracks, the awesome “Nirvana Like Cobain,” posted below.


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