Galapaghost – “Mirage”

By Will Oliver, October 30th 2019 Listen Stream

Texas-based producer Galapaghost has toured with artists such as John Grant and made music for Netflix Italy’ promotional video for 13 Reasons Why. He has recently returned with his brand new EP A Planet Without An Atmosphere, a collection of songs that see the artist venturing further down the spiral into ambient electronica with some intensely personal themes.

Here’s a personal description of the basis of the EP from Galapaghost himself:

I recorded this album during a particularly difficult time last year. Last October, I got diagnosed with testicular cancer and a few weeks later my Dad was run over and killed while walking in a Walmart parking lot by a distracted driver. A few months after that my wife miscarried. At times I felt like a planet without an atmosphere, which is why I chose the title for the album. Also, the album touches on the extreme disappointment that I have with every government in the world for their collective failure to implement any serious changes due to the crisis of climate change. People, and especially kids, all over the world are protesting because they want a better future for the next generation and they just keep getting stonewalled. It’s especially awful in my country in the US, with Trump making absolutely awful decisions in regards to this issue because he doesn’t believe global warming exists. I wanted to put a lot of ideas into a very short album and make sure that every song felt urgent and necessary.”

Take the hypnotic “Mirage” off of the EP, a colorful synth exploration that takes you down an intensive thoughtful journey that starts off as a hypnotic listen and soon expands into something much more with smart pop-minded production and emotional undercurrents that ring true all the way through.

You can find a stream of “Mirage” below and find the entire EP available to buy and stream at his Bandcamp now.


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