Article + Photos by Will Oliver

DIIV stopped into New York last week for three performances in support of their new album Deceiver, which is out now via Captured Tracks. The first show was the biggest of them all at Warsaw (find our coverage here) and then two days later they performed two shows at new Manhattan venue The Dance.

We caught the early show, which saw the quartet of Zachary Cole Smith, Andrew Bailey, Colin Caulfield and Ben Newman delivering the strongest live performance that I’ve ever seen from the band, sounding truly rejuvenated and refreshed performing the dreamy and lush new offerings off of Deceiver, as well as older favorites which they reimagined in the new light with the influence of the LP. There were only a few moments where the crowd was moshing like during the band’s early days, such as when they played “Doused” from their debut album Oshin which sounded as fast and frantic as I ever remembered it.

Sadly they had to swiftly get through their hour-long set to make time for the late show but they delivered a tight performance that played off as completely therapeutic and welcomed. This is a new and mature DIIV and one that has me certain that they’re currently operating at their very best.

Find a full gallery of photos posted below, along with the setlist.

DIIV setlist:

1. Horsehead
2. Skin Game
3. Bent (Roi’s Song)
4. Like Before You Were Born
5. Taker
6. Doused
7. For the Guilty
8. Between Tides
9. Take Your Time
10. Blankenship
11. Acheron
12. Dust


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