Kirrah Amosa is an r&b singer who splits time between Sydney, Australia, and Los Angeles and who has just caught some well-deserved attention for the release of her brand new single “Undefeated.”

“Undefeated” was “inspired by the strength it takes to keep going when it’s getting too hard. It is spoken from the perspective of someone in a relationship but can relate to anyone overcoming any struggle.” The track features a heartfelt and emotional vocal performance with some sharp production that helps guide her thoughtful message forward in a most confident fashion.

Find some more personal information about the track straight from Amosa posted below, along with the music video.

While I wrote Undefeated I was battling with sudden, expected waves of anxiety and feeling quite isolated from those that could help combat those waves. I had never experienced feeling like this before so I didn’t know any coping strategies and I didn’t know how to ask for help. Because I had always been viewed as a strong, powerful human, I didn’t know how to express that I suddenly felt incredibly powerless and lonely for what seemed like no reason. I managed to find little ways to incorporate more self-care activities, such as meditation and exercise, into my routine, which has heavily inspired the visual for Undefeated.

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