Alexander Biggs – “Miserable”

By Will Oliver, October 2nd 2019 — with 1 comment Listen Stream

25-year-old Australian songwriter Alexander Biggs who has returned with his brand new single “Miserable.”

The track hits a warm and welcoming note that has a hushed quality that calls to mind the work of acts like Andy Shauf and Conor Oberst, with some devastatingly pretty atmospherics behind it that are produced in a pitch-perfect manner.

Here’s a little background about the track from Biggs himself:

Miserable is a realization that our own sadness can impact the ones around us. When I wrote it, it was almost like a soft plea — Am I weighing you down? Is my hurt hurting you? What are we going to do?— It was a consoling and an explanation, a conversation and a statement — a deep sigh and ahead on the shoulder. It was like a long timeline happening all at once. There was misery and joy and it was synchronous and fluid.

I hope this song can speak to anyone who’s ever felt like they’re getting used to the boiling water, felt calloused and tough when they were trying to be soft, or anyone that’s ever found themselves asking the same question — Do I make you miserable?”

Enjoy a stream of “Miserable” below.


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