Phantogram, the New York-based electro-rock duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter are back on tour this year, despite not releasing a new album since 2016’s Three (we last saw them play at Hammerstein Ballroom in 2016). On September 5th they returned back to New York City for a performance at Kings Theatre where they gave fans a good mix of old favorites as well as a hint of what is to come.

Their set began with the duo performing behind the veil of a see-through curtain as fog surrounded the floor and their set-up. Along with newly released singles such as “Into Happiness” and “Mister Impossible,” the duo gave fans a preview of some of the new material that should show up on their eventual next album. When a fan asked when it would come out, Barthel hinted that it would be coming out sometime in the next year.

Along with the new material, the band gave us an even distribution of old favorites, from more recent ones like “Black Out Days,” to old favorites like “When I’m Small.” The band dug deep with the first performance of “You Are The Ocean” in over six years, a performance that felt vital and essential, with the band clearly getting as much out of it as the fans. They thanked everyone for continuing to show up despite not releasing new music in a while.

Barthel got personal with us, sharing the heartbreaking story of her sister taking her own life and pleading with the audience to talk to someone if they are feeling hopeless or lost in life. This touching moment preceded a personal and very emotional performance of new track “Ceremony,” that finished their regular set and gave way to the encore.

Phantogram should be back soon with a new album and another tour to boot, and you can be we will be there to see what the next chapter of the band brings us. For now, enjoy a full gallery of photos from their Kings Theatre performance posted below, along with the setlist.

Phantogram setlist:

1. News Today
2. Black Out Days
3. Run Run Blood
4. You Don’t Get Me High Anymore
5. Mouthful of Diamonds
6. Into Happiness
7. You Are the Ocean
8. Howling at the Moon
9. Cruel World
10. Gaunt Kids
11. Calling All
12. Mister Impossible
13. Fall in Love
14. Ceremony


15. Answer
16. When I’m Small
17. News (Reprise)

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