Photos by Brianna DiGioia

Cate Le Bon returned with her excellent new album Reward back in May via Mexican Summer and brought her tour in support of the album to Brooklyn on June 26 for a performance at Elsewhere.

Our photographer Brianna DiGioia was there to capture photos from her performance, as well as from openers Viven Goldman and Moon Diagrams.

Find all of her shots posted in the photo gallery below

Moon Diagrams:

Viven Goldman:

Cate Le Bon:

Cate Le Bon setlist:

1. Miami
2. Daylight Matters
3. Home to You
4. Love Is Not Love
5. Wonderful
6. You Don’t Love Me
7. I Just Wanna Be Good
8. Mother’s Mother’s Magazines
9. We Might Revolve
10. Magnificent Gestures
11. Sad Nudes
12. The Light
13. What’s Not Mine


14. Meet the Man

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