Bonniesongs – “Ice Cream”

By Will Oliver, June 6th 2019 Indie Listen Stream

Bonniesongs is the project of Sydney, Australia-based art-folk musician Bonnie Stewart, who will release her debut album Energetic Mind on September 6th via Small Pond Records.

She recently released album single “Ice Cream,” a track that showcases her impressive ability to craft a song that artfully takes the expectations of folk rock and turns them on their head. Wonderfully colorful and expressive, it’s the sound of an artist that is still finding their voice while still confidently navigated the arena of its sound.

Find a description of the creation of the song below, along with the stream for the track.

I wrote it on an extremely hot summer’s day in my very small sweaty music room at my house in Sydney. All I wanted to do was be at the beach having refreshingly cold things (like ice cream…) but I was too hot to do anything about it. “Sometimes, no matter how sleepy or useless to the world you are, when you get a fun riff happening a new burst of energy can push past the sweat and laziness and you can manage to rock out. It’s about fun, summer, friends, ice cream, being silly and not taking yourself too seriously. Also my favourite flavour is actually mint choc NOT vanilla, but it didn’t work as well…”

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