It’s been a long time coming but last week Imogen Heap finally made her long-awaited return to American this year as a part of her Mycelia tour. This included a two-night run in New York at Town Hall, where we caught night 2 on May 8th, 2019.

Not only were fans going to finally get to see Heap perform her own material again live but the show also featured her Frou Frou partner Guy Sigsworth as a part of her band on the tour, allowing her to freely switch between their material and her own, which was a nice little cherry on top.

Along with the songs, Heap broke up the show with a chat about the amazing Mi.Mu gesture-control gloves that allow her to control instruments and computers on stage while performing using hand gestures. She also took some questions from audience members, providing some insight into her process, history and Mycelia’s ‘Creative Passport’ a system launched to help artists release music and get paid directly through blockchain technology.

And in-between all these interesting TED Talk like discussions, there was, of course, the music. Heap and Sigsworth beautifully brought the songs of Frou Frou back to life and found connective threads to Imogean Heap favorites like “First Train Home,” “Speeding Cars,” “Hide and Seek,” and “Goodnight and Go” that were gorgeously brought to life and given a bit of a new take in the live environment.

It sounds like new music is on the horizon soon and we can only hope it won’t be quite as long to see Heap perform again for us here.

Imogen Heap setlist:

[Set 1]

1. Guitar Song (Frou Frou song)
2. Entanglement
3. Breathe In (Frou Frou song)
4. You Know Where to Find Me
5. Flicks (Frou Frou song)
6. Close Up (Frou Frou song)
7. First Train Home
8. Speeding Cars
9. Shurayo (Guy Sigsworth cover)

[Set 2]

10. Neglected Space
11. Tiny Human
12. The Walk
13. Aha!
14. Let Go (Frou Frou song)
15. It’s Good to Be in Love (Frou Frou song)
16. Headlock
17. Only Got One (Frou Frou song)
18. Hide and Seek


19. Goodnight and Go
20. The Dumbing Down of Love (Frou Frou song)

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