Ivor Lane is an independent artist living in Chicago who released their first EP, Postplay earlier in the year.

“I Wait Too Long” is a haunted and touching effort from the EP that has a ballad-like quality that reaches deep and cuts through your soul. Their EP was written during a tough time for Lane, who describes it’s recording with the following:

“I was in a very dark and isolated emotional place when I wrote this album. But at my core, I am extremely optimistic, I think you can hear that in this record. I was inspired by 90’s shoegaze music, most notably Slowdive for the texture and sounds in the songs, and folk singers such as Nico for my vocal performance and soul bearing lyrical content. I want this album to help folks who are sad, by being a friendly voice that doesn’t try to heal them, but sits with them as they are, and helps them reflect.”

Enjoy the music video for “I Wait Too Long” below.

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