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LA-based songwriter/producer Chris Gale is gearing up to release his new record A Cloud on June 14th. The record was made over the past two years with his friend Brett Bullion following the dissolution of Gale’s former projects OSO and Warehouse Eyes. Gale was on the verge of giving up on making music in early 2017, losing faith in his ability to break through artistically and to make the kind of work he expected, but thankfully for us he decided to give record-making one last shot.

Today we get the privilege of premiering the music video for the album’s lovely single “The Last Time I Heard Rock and Roll.” It doesn’t take long to feel the personal nature and approach of the track that feels like a reunion with an old friend. There’s something familiar about it but it’s also a track that feels definitively personal and true to Gale as a songwriter, something that only he could make.

Here’s how Gale himself describes the track:

This is that rare song that I truly have no idea where it came from. For 99% of my songs, I can remember where I was, why I chose one word over another, a thought I had about a chord or melody, etc. – but this one, zilch, nada. The first line, “it’s like you never heard of rock and roll” captures the entire essence of the song – it’s about otherness and the impossibility of knowing anybody else. Everybody’s heard of rock and roll.

He brought the song to life visually by working with the director James Christenson to try and echo the chaos of the record-making process. The video, which was shot in Miami can be found posted below along with the album’s artwork

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