(The National with director Mike Mills)

The National will release their new album I Am Easy To Find on May 17th via 4AD. Along with the album announcement came the release of the opening track “You Had Your Soul with You.”

Today the band returned with another new album cut with “Lights Years,” along with its official music video which features scenes from Mike Mills upcoming short film for the album, I Am Easy To Find, which stars Academy Award Winner Alicia Vikander

While “You Had Your Soul with You” may have been a bit different (and slightly, hopeful?) than fans may have been expecting, “Light Years” instantly clicks, feeling like an old friend that you’re just welcoming home. This is a song that they first debuted during night 2 of the National Homecoming Festival last year and it’s safe to say that the band has absolutely captured the essence of what it was like to hear that song live.

The band will return to New York later this month for an intimate performance at Beacon Theatre where the entire short film will be played beforehand and many diehard fans of the band are expecting them to play the album in full.

For now, enjoy the music video for “Light Years” posted below.

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