Detroit singer-songwriter Stef Chura is back with her new album Midnight, which will come out via Saddle Creek on June 7. The album was produced by Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest whose stamp can be felt on her lead single “Method Man.”

The track explores a slightly heavier garage rock angst felt that shifts forms a few times during it’s brisk but effective 3-minute runtime.

Find some background on the track from Chura herself below:

A long time ago I was pondering the literal words “Method Man” while listening to Wu-Tang. There was a person in my life that I had a confusing array of emotions for, sometimes I was in love with him, I admired and looked up to him, I thought of him as superior to me. He was older than me and I was a teenager. At that age I experienced a titanic amount of anxiety that usually expressed itself as silence.

This song was born out of a total frustration regarding a man who seemed “methodical” to me. He was literate. He waxed poetic. Almost someone…how do I say this…that you wanted to be condescending to you? As long as they were talking to you. He drank a lot of energy drinks and had this overall outlook that no one understood him. That he was in on some kind of cosmic secret that I couldn’t get. He smoked so many cigs it stained his fingers yellow.

He was always talking, and I was so enamored with this person. I was always nervous to reply. He would go on and on for hours. He sometimes would look at me and be like “oh maybe you won’t get this…. maybe you don’t get this.” I was too terrified to say much.

Stream the track below, where you can also find the album art/tracklist, as well as some upcoming tour dates which include a performance at Rough Trade NYC on

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