Saeyers is the project of multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Marshall Lewis. Having previously released music under his name, Lewis turned to the Saeyers moniker to stand for his new complete perspective and him embracing isolation to help with his melodic imagination, such as the very 80s inspired dreamy offering that is “Cruise,” the song we share with you today.

It’s an offering from his upcoming Saeyers EP, a release that saw Lewis play every instrument and write every part, with all the songs (save for “Lovers’ Gold”) having been written and recorded in Lewis’ bedroom. To Lewis, the EP is “a work that welcomes memories from the past, as well as new ideas and inspirations. Here’s how he describes it:

“These last couple years have seen a lot of difficulty, but also many little victories. I spent a lot of time mulling things over in my head, and had to learn a lot of hard lessons. This EP is my expression of enjoying the little things and coming to terms with it all, knowing that life keeps going.”

Enjoy a stream of “Cruise” posted below.

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