Folk singer Gregory Alan Isakov returned this year with his new album Evening Machines, released via Dualtone Records. On a snowy night on November 15th, he brought his tour with Leif Vollebekk to Brooklyn for a sold out performance at Warsaw.

This was my first time seeing Isakov perform, but it was the perfect ingredient to help warm us up on such a cold snowy day that caused headaches all day citywide. However, the show must go on and Isakov and his band gave fans a heartfelt and beautiful performance full of haunting folk songs.

Credit to his lighting team and the production design for perfectly pairing moody lighting with the atmospheric tones of his music. It’s something that typically can go unnoticed at a show but it was clear that the lighting was cast in a certain way to match the vibe of a particular song. This made for a totally encompassing experience that left quite a spell on me.

As if the regular portion of the set wasn’t breathtaking enough, the best was yet to come with the two-song encore that began with Vollebekk joining Isakov for a performance of “The Stable Song,” and Isakov’s whole band performing an acoustic version of “All Shades of Blue.” It was a perfect way to close out a pretty perfect night of music.

Find a full gallery of photos from his performance, as well as Vollebekk’s posted in the gallery below.

Leif Vollebekk:

Gregory Alan Isakov:

Gregory Alan Isakov setlist:

1. She Always Takes It Black
2. Big Black Car
3. Amsterdam
4. This Empty Northern Hemisphere
5. Was I Just Another One
6. Chemicals
7. Southern Star
8. Dark, Dark, Dark
9. Liars
10. Dandelion Wine
11. The Universe
12. Master & A Hound (new song)
13. Olivia (new song)
14. Berth
15. Too Far Away
16. Caves


17. The Stable Song (with Leif Vollebekk)
18. All Shades of Blue (full band acoustic)

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