Chloe Foy – “Asylum”

By Will Oliver, October 27th 2018 Listen

Following the success of her debut EP Are We There Yet, British singer Chloe Foy has returned with her latest single, “Asylum.”

It’s another assured and confident display of songwriter prowess that puts Foy on the forefront of the field of promising young songwriters that we best keep an eye on in 2019.

See how Foy describes the song herself from the quote below:

For me, Asylum encompasses a feeling of hope that I started to feel a few years ago after emerging from a dark period of my life. It acknowledges the ebb and flow and difficulty of modern life and the loneliness that can come with that – how you can sometimes feel like a distant observer of a very strange world. But it also acknowledges that we must be forgiving of ourselves, just as our closest friends are.

“Asylum” is available to stream below and if you like what you hear, find the song available to purchase over at Bandcamp.

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