All photos by Dave Scholten

Sales, the duo of Lauren Morgan and Jordan Sinh (along with touring drummer Malcolm Martin), self-released their new album forever & ever earlier this year. They brought their tour back to Brooklyn on September 22 for a performance at Elsewehre, along with openers No Vacation and Hana Vu.

Our photographer Dave Scholten was there to capture photos from all three performances, find his shots posted in the gallery below along with Sales’ setlist.

Hana Vu:

No Vacation:


Sales setlist:

1. big sis
2. crash
3. Off and On
4. jamz
5. ivy
6. pope is a rockstar
7. sorry bro
8. Renee
9. You Look Well
10. Your Own
11. Spiral
12. Talk a Lot
13. getting it on
14. best times
15. White Jeans
16. Chinese New Year
17. be my baby
18. #1 hit

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