All photos by Dana Pacifico

Sunflower Bean and Porches were set to play a free show at East River Park on August 11 but a nasty rain storm had other plans but luckily enough both bands are New York-based and they were able to reschedule the show just two days later on August 13.

Both bands are touring in support of their new albums, Sunflower Bean’s Twentytwo in Blue (via Mom + Pop Music) and Porches’ The House (via Domino Records) and luckily the weather held out and they were able to give fans a great evening of free music in the beautiful setting of East River Park.

Our photographer Dana Pacifico was there to capture all the action from both sets. Find all of her photos posted in the gallery below.

Sunflower Bean:

Sunflower Bean setlist:

1. Burn It
2. 2013
3. Twentytwo
4. Tame Impala
5. Human For
6. Easier Said
7. Electric Feel (MGMT cover)
8. Crisis Fest
9. Only a Moment
10. I Was Home


Porches setlist:

1. Forgive
2. Mood
3. Glow
4. Be Apart
5. Find Me
6. Braid
7. Car
8. Country
9. Wobble
10. Underwater


11. Country

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