All photos via Dana Pacifico

The always enthusiastic duo of Matt and Kim returned with new album Almost Everyday on May 4 via Fader Label.

On April 29 the duo played their second straight show at Brooklyn Steel in support of the new album. Our photographer Dana Pacifico was there to capture photos of their performance, all of which you can find posted in the gallery below, along with the setlist.

Matt and Kim Setlist:

1. Moonlight Intro
2. It’s Alright
3. Block After Block
4. Party Up (DMX cover)
5. Hey Now
6. Forever
7. Make a Mess
8. Cameras
9. Like I Used to Be
10. Now
11. Jump (Van Halen cover)
12. Can You Blame Me
13. Yea Yeah
14. Barbra Streisand (Duck Sauce cover)
15. Lessons Learned
16. Get It
17. Tonight
18. Daylight Intro
19. Daylight
20. Please No More
21. Humble (Kedrick Lamar cover)
22. Let’s Go


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