The always reliable Spoon returned this year with Hot Thoughts (released via Matador Records) yet another fantastic addition to their unstoppable resume. They did come to New York over the summer for a performance at Panorama, but hadn’t given us a proper headlining show of their own since their performance at Kings Theatre in 2015.

That changed in November when Britt Daniel and company played two sold out nights at Brooklyn Steel. We caught the second night of the run on November 29, featuring an opening performance from White Reaper, who we just saw at a headlining show of their own at Le Poisson Rouge earlier in the month. The band played a quick but tight set that was all business and based on the reactions I saw in the crowd, they gained a ton of new fans that night.

Spoon have been at it long enough where you can go into their show expecting or wanting a certain selection of songs, but then they can come out and play almost nothing that you wanted, yet you’re still thrilled because they have so many damn good albums and songs that there’s no way you’re going home disappointed either way. Luckily they gave me a good mix of all of my favorites, mixed in with a few surprise choice cuts such as “Anything You Want,” from Girls Can Tell and “My Mathematical Mind” from Gimme Fiction.

Alex Fischel and touring member Gerardo Larios, who only add to the tight musicianship shared between Britt Daniel as well as the ever-so-tight rhythm section of Jim Eno and Rob Pope. Spoon was in top form this night giving us a masterful performance that game into full realization during the four-song epic encore of “Pink Up,” “Hot Thoughts,” “Gon Nuffin” and “Rent I Pay.”

Find a full set of photos and the setlist for both White Reaper and Spoon posted in the gallery below. You can also watch the entire show right here as it was taped and broadcast live by Pitchfork Live.

White Reaper Setlist:

1. Last 4th of July
2. Pills
3. Little Silver Cross
4. I Don’t Think She Cares
5. Crystal Pistol
6. Sheila
7. Eagle Beach
8. The World’s Best American Band
9. The Stack
10. Judy French
11. Make Me Wanna Die


Spoon Setlist:

1. Do I Have to Talk You Into It
2. Inside Out
3. I Turn My Camera On
4. WhisperI’lllistentohearit
5. Don’t You Evah
6. Do You
7. Via Kannela
8. I Ain’t the One
9. Anything You Want
10. Can I Sit Next To You
11. My Mathematical Mind
12. Don’t Make Me a Target
13. The Underdog
14. Rainy Taxi
15. Black Like Me


16. Pink Up
17. Hot Thoughts
18. Got Nuffin
19. Rent I Pay

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