This year saw English shoegazers Slowdive return with their first new album in 22 years. The self-titled release was released via Dead Oceans and sees the legends of the genre pick up right back where they left off. It’s impressive how strong of a work it is but again considering how strong their discography is, we shouldn’t be surprised that they hit it out of the park.

Following at stop at Brooklyn Steel earlier this year, Slowdive returned again for an even bigger stop here at Terminal 5 on November 12. The evening featured an opening performance from Cherry Glazerr, who also released a new album this year with Apocalipstick, which they released via Secretly Canadian, all the way back in January. I last caught them around then at their Bowery Ballroom performance, a fun but very loose set, this time around the band were much tighter and confident, likely a result of the countless amount of touring that they’ve been doing.

I caught Slowdive for the first time during their first return to New York City also at Terminal 5 back in 2014. It was great just to see the band live, as I never imagined that day would actually come. I certainly didn’t realistically expect for any new music either, but here we are.

The new material mixed so well with the old and it resulted in a set that felt like just a comforting lush dream that was too good to be true. The band sounded great and what they lacked in an exciting stage presence they make up with their overwhelming sounds and representative visuals which go hand in hand with their soundscapes.

Find the full photo sets and setlists from both bands posted below.

Cherry Glazerr:

Cherry Glazerr Setlist:

1. Nuclear Bomb
2. Had Ten Dollaz
3. Jam
4. Told You I’d Be With the Guys
5. Teenage Girl
6. Instagratification
7. Apocalipstick
8. Trick or Treat Dancefloor
9. Nurse Ratched
10. Stupid Fish
11. Only Kid on the Block
12. Daddi
13. Grilled Cheese
14. Chewing Cud


Slowdive Setlist:

1. Slomo
2. Slowdive
3. Crazy for You
4. Star Roving
5. Avalyn
6. Catch the Breeze
7. No Longer Making Time
8. Souvlaki Space Station
9. Blue Skied an’ Clear
10. When the Sun Hits
11. Alison
12. Sugar for the Pill
13. Golden Hair (Syd Barrett Cover)


14. Don’t Know Why
15. Dagger
16. 40 Days

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