Back in 2014, American Football reunited playing shows for the first time in 15 years, including a performance at Webster Hall. At the time I figured it was a one and done sort of deal, and that we probably wouldn’t hear from them for a while. But in 2016 the group returned again, but this time for real, with a brand new album once again self-titled and released on Polyvinyl Records.

They haven’t been doing much touring for the album, but the group did bring the show to New York for a show at Terminal 5 on January 28. Support came Athens’ Mothers, who seem to have been touring non-stop since we first saw them at CMJ 2015, as well as Joan Of Arc, the Chicago band fronted by Tim Kinsella, brother of Mike from American Football.

The nearly sold out crowd at Terminal 5 waited with anticipation as American Football took the stage, and delightful ran through the entirety of the new album, all 9 tracks in order. They took a 5-minute breather and then returned to deliver old favorites from their debut, as well as “The One With the Tambourine,” taken from their self-titled EP.

American Football don’t tour much and you don’t know when you’ll get to see them play next, so if you find the band playing in front of you, it’s best to take advantage of the moment. And boy did this crowd ever. Not only did they sing along to nearly ever one of Mike Kinsella’s words, but they even started various mosh pits, a sight I didn’t expect to see at an American Football show.

Find their setlist posted below, along with a photo gallery of all three bands performances.

American Football Setlist:

1. Where Are We Now?
2. My Instincts Are the Enemy
3. Home Is Where the Haunt Is
4. Born to Lose
5. I’ve Been So Lost for So Long
6. Give Me the Gun
7. I Need a Drink (or Two or Three)
8. Desire Gets in the Way
9. Everyone Is Dressed Up


10. The One With the Tambourine
11. Stay Home
12. Honestly?
13. For Sure
14. I’ll See You When We’re Both Not So Emotional
15. Never Meant


Joan Of Arc:

American Football:

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