On November 2 Animal Collective stopped back in New York for a sold out performance at Terminal 5. This was their second NYC stop in 2016, with the first coming back in 2016. Both were in support of their 2016 album Painting With, released via Domino Records.

Find their setlist posted below, along with a gallery of photos from their performance, as well as opener Actress.

Animal Collective Setlist:

1. Recycling
2. Lying in the Grass
3. Golden Gal
4. Summing the Wretch
5. Loch Raven
6. On Delay
7. Jimmy Mack
8. Water Curses
9. FloriDada
10. The Burglars
11. Kids on Holiday


12. Hocus Pocus
13. Guys Eyes
14. Summertime Clothes


Animal Collective: