1_Daughter_National Sadust

One of the first releases of 2016 was Not To Disappear the sophomore album from indie folk trio Daughter (which Glassnote Records released). They played their first New York City show for the tour in support of the new record on April 4, when they played a rather intimate performance at the beautifully fitting National Sawdust in Brooklyn.

Find some shots of their performance posted below, along with New York singer-songwriter Wilsen who opened the show.


1_Wilsen_National Sawdust

2_Wilsen_National Sawdust

3_Wilsen_National Sawdust

4_Wilsen_National Sawdust


2_Daughter_National Sadust

3_Daughter_National Sadust

4_Daughter_National Sadust

5_Daughter_National Sadust

6_Daughter_National Sadust

7_Daughter_National Sadust

8_Daughter_National Sadust

9_Daughter_National Sadust

10_Daughter_National Sadust

11_Daughter_National Sadust

12_Daughter_National Sadust

13_Daughter_National Sadust

14_Daughter_National Sadust

15_Daughter_National Sadust

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