1_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

On March 11 Toronto-based electronic-rock group Metric returned to New York for a performance at Hammerstein Ballroom. The tour came in support of their 2015 album Pagans In Vegas (released via Universal). The show was opened by hot-rising Rochester, New York rock outfit Joywave.

Find photos of both Metric and Joywave’s set posted below.


1_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom

2_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom

3_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom

4_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom

5_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom

6_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom

7_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom

8_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom

9_Joywave_Hammerstein Ballroom


2_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

3_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

4_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

5_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

6_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

7_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

8_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

9_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

10_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

11_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

12_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

13_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

14_Metric_Hammerstein Ballroom

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