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On March 5 indie rockers DIIV wrapped up their sold out three-night run at Market Hotel, marking my first time at the venue since the beyond insane Sleater-Kinney show last December.

The group tore through both tracks from their new album Is The Is Are (released via Captured Tracks) as well as their 2012 debut, Oshin. The set also included a cover of Cat Power’s “Nude As The News.”

Find the setlist posted below, along with a gallery of photos of DIIV’s performance, as well as openers Painted Zeros and Surfbort.

DIIV Setlist:

1. (Druun Pt. II)
2. Is The Is Are
3. Human
4. Bent (Roi’s Song)
5. Under The Sun
6. How Long Have You Known?
7. Follow
8. Dopamine
9. Sometime
10. Oshin (Subsume)
11. (Fuck)
12. Incarnate Devil
13. Mire (Grant’s Song)
14. Loose Ends
15. Nude As The News (Cat Power Cover)
16. Wait


17. Dust
18. Waste of Breath
19. Doused


1_Surfbort_Market Hotel

2_Surfbort_Market Hotel

3_Surfbort_Market Hotel

4_Surfbort_Market Hotel

5_Surfbort_Market Hotel

6_Surfbort_Market Hotel

7_Surfbort_Market Hotel

Painted Zeros:

1_Painted Zeros_Market Hotel

2_Painted Zeros_Market Hotel

3_Painted Zeros_Market Hotel

4_Painted Zeros_Market Hotel

5_Painted Zeros_Market Hotel

6_Painted Zeros_Market Hotel


2_DIIV_Market Hotel

3_DIIV_Market Hotel

4_DIIV_Market Hotel

5_DIIV_Market Hotel

6_DIIV_Market Hotel

7_DIIV_Market Hotel

8_DIIV_Market Hotel

9_DIIV_Market Hotel

10_DIIV_Market Hotel

11_DIIV_Market Hotel

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