Sleater-Kinney at Terminal 5 (December 13, 2015)

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1_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

In mid-December Sleater-Kinney closed out their wonderful comeback tour in support of their rather awesome new album No Cities To Love with five shows in New York City. They ranged from all shapes and sizes, and I ended up catching one of the largest shows as well as the smallest. The former went down at Terminal 5 on December 13, my second time seeing them there in 2015.

This was one of the best sounding shows that I’ve ever heard at Terminal 5, a compliment to the venue (who aren’t known for it) and of course, the band and their sound team. They came out firing on all cylinders delivering a fiery performance that stretched into both the past and present. It also helps that their new album is actually good, considering a good chunk of the set was featured from it. This was also the first show that featured a guest cameo from Carrie Brownstein’s Portlandia partner in crime Fred Arimsen, who led the band through a fun cover of The B-52’s “Rock Lobster,” which was every bit as fun as it sounds.

Find some more photos from their Terminal 5 performance posted below, along with shots of Waxahatchee, who opened the show.

1_Waxahatchee_Terminal 5

2_Waxahatchee_Terminal 5

3_Waxahatchee_Terminal 5

4_Waxahatchee_Terminal 5

5_Waxahatchee_Terminal 5

6_Waxahatchee_Terminal 5

7_Waxahatchee_Terminal 5

8_Waxahatchee_Terminal 5


2_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

3_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

4_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

5_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

6_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

7_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

8_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

9_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

10_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

11_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

12_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

13_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

14_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

15_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

16_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

17_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

18_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

19_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

20_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

21_Sleater-Kinney_Terminal 5

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