1_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape


On September 11 I returned upstate to Hudson, New York, for Basilica Soundscape, the annual team-up between Basilica Hudson’s founders, Melissa Auf der Maur and Tony Stone, along with Pitchfork managing editor Brandon Stosuy and Brian DeRan of Leg Up Management. Last year was my first time at the festival, and I had such a great time that I went back for seconds this year.

I was only able to stay the first day, but caught unforgettable sets from the likes of HEALTH, Viet Cong, Lydia Ainsworth, Weyes Blood, Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar, and Actress.

The festival seems to now be a staple each September in Hudson, New York, making me excited to make the trip again next year. Find photos from Day 1 of this year posted below.

Weyes Blood:

1_Weyes Blood_Basilica Soundscape

2_Weyes Blood_Basilica Soundscape

3_Weyes Blood_Basilica Soundscape

4_Weyes Blood_Basilica Soundscape

5_Weyes Blood_Basilica Soundscape

6_Weyes Blood_Basilica Soundscape

7_Weyes Blood_Basilica Soundscape

Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar:

1_Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar_Basilica Soundscape

2_Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar_Basilica Soundscape

3_Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar_Basilica Soundscape

4_Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar_Basilica Soundscape

5_Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar_Basilica Soundscape

6_Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar_Basilica Soundscape

7_Indrajit Banerjee & Gourisankar_Basilica Soundscape

Lydia Ainsworth:

1_Lydia Ainsworth_Basilica Soundscape

2_Lydia Ainsworth_Basilica Soundscape

4_Lydia Ainsworth_Basilica Soundscape-2

4_Lydia Ainsworth_Basilica Soundscape

5_Lydia Ainsworth_Basilica Soundscape

6_Lydia Ainsworth_Basilica Soundscape

7_Lydia Ainsworth_Basilica Soundscape

Viet Cong:

1_Viet Cong_Basilica Soundscape

2_Viet Cong_Basilica Soundscape

3_Viet Cong_Basilica Soundscape

4_Viet Cong_Basilica Soundscape

5_Viet Cong_Basilica Soundscape

6_Viet Cong_Basilica Soundscape




2_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape

3_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape

4_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape

5_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape

6_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape

7_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape

8_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape

9_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape

10_HEALTH_Basilica Soundscape