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After catching a rare an unforgettable performance from Hot Chip at Baby’s All Right the night before, I caught them again the next night at Webster Hall. Obviously it was going to be impossible for the show to match the one at Baby’s considering the intimacy of the show, but I was still excited to see Hot Chip again, especially with the prospect of a large and excited crowd to amp up the atmosphere of the room. I’ve seen the British electronic rockers plenty of times now, and there hasn’t been one performance that didn’t leave me blown away, and I went into this show expecting no different, even if the show at Baby’s was a tough act to follow.

Once again opening was Georgia, who played a quick one-woman set the night before. This time around she had a full band with her, and delivered an impressionable performance that lived up to the hype that surrounded her, and then some. She’s only getting started, but based off her performance, and her rock solid debut album (out via Domino Records), she’s got quite a career laid ahead of her.

It was the first night of a two night run, and Hot Chip were clearly feeding off of the energy of the capacity crowd. Getting to see them spread out on a larger space this time around gave them a whole new dynamic and flexebility to deliver a looser performance that gave the band freedom to roam the stage. No matter how many times I see them, I’m always left in awe about how they’re able to blend the worlds of dance/electronic in awe in such a dominant fashion. There’s no way that you can go into a Hot Chip show without jouyously dancing and singing along, once they have you, they have you for good.

We may not get to see them in New York again for a little while, but you can bet I’ll be there whenever they do return.

Find photos of both Hot Chip and Georgia posted below.


1_Georgia_Webster Hall

2_Georgia_Webster Hall

3_Georgia_Webster Hall

4_Georgia_Webster Hall

5_Georgia_Webster Hall

Hot Chip:

2_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

3_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

4_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

5_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

6_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

7_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

8_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

9_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

10_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

11_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

12_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

13_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

14_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

15_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

16_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

17_Hot Chip_Webster Hall

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