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On July 9, Pier 84’s Hudson River Rocks series presented a rock solid free show featuring Waxahatchee, Speedy Ortiz, and Weyes Blood. Only cloudy skies and the threat of rain put the evening of music at risk.

Skies held out when I got there for Speedy Ortiz, who delivered a tight set as expected, playing a 12-song set mixed between their new album Foil Deer (out via Carpark Records), as well as their 2013 debut Major Arcana. While it was a very different atmosphere from theri sold out Bowery Ballroom show from earlier in the year, Sadie Dupuis and the rest of the band had no problem captivating the crowd, not always an easy thing to do at a free show.

Unfortunately during the wait for Waxahatchee the weather took a turn for the worst, and they had to cancel the show. I have still yet to see Katie Crutchfield’s band perform live. No big deal as they’ll be back in New York soon enough, but it was still disappointing nevertheless.

Find the setlist below, along with some photos from Speedy Ortiz’s performance.


1. The Graduates
2. Raising the Skate
3. Tiger Tank
4. Dot X
5. Taylor Swift
6. Doomsday
7. My Dead Girl
8. Puffer
9. Casper (1995)
10. Ginger
11. Bigger Party
12. American Horror

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3_Speedy Ortiz_Pier 84

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11_Speedy Ortiz_Pier 84

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