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Age of Ultron poster

To put it mildly, the internet lost its collective mind last night when the long-awaited trailer for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron leaked a day after being teased at the end of Tuesday night’s Agents of SHIELD. The question stands: Are you ready for Ultron?

Age of Ultron promises to be dark, as intoned by the haunting cover of “I’ve Got No Strings” and the grimmer color palette. It will be well-worth the admission price, considering there’s a Hulk vs. Hulkbuster fight in downtown Joburg (from the looks of it), Black Widow dropping from a Quinjet on a Harley, and more.

It was a surprise to see the trailer online at least a week early. At the end of Tuesday’s Agents of SHIELD, there was a tease about the worldwide network premiere of the AOU trailer during next week’s episode (“A Fractured House”), but by last night, several trailer screencaps hit the net and were followed shortly by a leaked UK/international trailer. That was pulled down in a short amount of time as Marvel scrambled to post the official US trailer, shaking their fists as HYDRA all the while.

Avengers, Age of Ultron

The Avengers face off against the rogue Ultron (James Spader), a rogue AI of Tony’s (Robert Downey Jr.) creation in an attempt to reboot a peacekeeping program, in Age Of Ultron. They’re also up against HYDRA, headed by Baron Von Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann), and the Maximoff Twins (Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Pietro and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda). It’s also hinted (or surmised by internet comment threads) by Andy Serkis’ appearance that Klaw, an arch-enemy of Black Panther, could also be a factor (or at least a way to spin-off a Black Panther movie), as vibranium comes into play in the course of the film (again, also speculation). The only confirmed plot details are that the Avengers go up against Ultron … and stuff gets destroyed … and there’s a Hulk fight … and there’s presumably witty Whedon banter.

Avengers: Age of Ultron lands in US theaters on May 1, 2015.

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