1_Tim Hecker_Basilica Soundscape 2014

Montreal-based electronic musician Tim Hecker makes the type of brooding electronic music that was practically created to be shared in a place like the old factory Basilica Hudson where Basilica Soundscape takes place.

For those unfamiliar to Hecker, his electronic style is one of the brooding ambient/drone nature. While the earlier moments of his set were comprised of slow-stirring ambience, the set gradually built to levels of thick layered bass that literally shuck your entire body. The bass so thick that many ear-plugless fans were seen sticking there fingers in their ears.

This is the experience of a Tim Hecker show, as he is almost completely hidden in dark shadows, not much visible aside from brief glimpses of him behind his equipment wtih the help of the occasional passing car whose light would shine through the factory’s window. Hecker takes over your mind and body with his heavy-hitting sounds that are easy to get lost within, trance-like in some ways.

Hecker’s style of music isn’t for everyone, but for those who decided to make the trek to Hudson last night, they were right at home.

2_Tim Hecker_Basilica Soundscape 2014

3_Tim Hecker_Basilica Soundscape 2014

4_Tim Hecker_Basilica Soundscape 2014

5_Tim Hecker_Basilica Soundscape 2014

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