‘Wish I Was Here’ Trailer

By Will Oliver, May 22nd 2014 Trailers

Wish I Was Here Poster

Wish I Was Here is the latest from director Zach Braff, the first film that he’s directed since Garden State (10 years ago!). The film came together through crowd-funding on Kickstarter, and recently released it’s first full trailer.

This full trailer follows up the Garden State like teaser trailer that showed off footage as The Shins “Simple Song” played over it. The Shins return with a new song for the latest trailer, which gives us similar footage but this time with dialogue.

The film is about a family that goes through many changes as a family, affecting them different as individuals, and as a whole. The trailer does a good job at revealing the tone of the film, without giving too much away. I don’t know if it will have the same magic as Garden State, but if it has just a bit of that same luster, it will be enough for me.

Wish I Was Here comes out on July 18. Find the trailer below.

Here’s the teaser trailer as well: