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Arctic Monkeys had quite a task picking a 3rd single from AM, as pretty much all of them could have done the job.

They ended up going with “One For The Road” (which Nick told me was his favorite song off the album in my interview with him), which has grown on me tremendously since the album’s release, thanks to an incredible live performance during the encore of their show at Webster Hall last month.

The video for “One For The Road” puts guitarist Jamie Cook at the front of the action this time around. He’s driving around tractors in West Illinois, somehow making it look cool. May be a cheeky swing at all the rediculous videos that rappers have in cars. Wouldn’t put it past them.

Focus Creeps directed the video, of course. Find it posted below.

The 7″ single for “One For The Road” is available to pre-order now. It comes out December 10, and will feature a b-side titled “You’re So Dark.”

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