Caveman’s largest hometown show in New York City came tonight at Webster Hall, and it was a good one. I’ve seen the band at nearly everyone of their NYC shows since their 2011 CMJ set at Glasslands that made me a fan. They have not let me down yet, and they seemingly just find ways to just get stronger and stronger. They’re amazing.

They did a good job combining the textures and context of both their excellent debut album CoCo Beware and their newly released self-titled album, which this show served as a release party for. The band can pack a hard punch like no other on tracks like “My Time” and “Old Friend”, take you on an atmospheric journey on “In The City” and sweep you with sensual beauty “Great Life”, “Easy Water.” At times the band had 3 members on percussion duties, giving away quite an effect. There wasn’t a wasted opportunity in their set.

It truly bothers me that these guys are not bigger than they are. Sure, I don’t mind spotting up comfortably in the front row and watching them work. But this is not the band that should be my little secret. They have a great little collection of recorded material and they put on a fantastic live show. Caveman are a hardworking band, and I hope they see continued success, because they seen to deserve it more than anyone.

On a side not, I randomly met Julia Stiles after the show, but it’s not as random as I thought as she is apparently in their video for “In The City.”

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