There’s been a lot of hoopla around Scottish band Chvrches. They’ve been one of the buzzier bands of the last few months, and for good reason. First, the spelling of their name. It just stands out. Then you take in to account their sound. Absolutely shameless addictive synth-pop that easily casts a spell on you if you let it.

The first time I heard their single “The Mother We Share” I was sold. Next single “Recover” hit me just as hard, and it may be even better. They played both of those songs live to rapid reaction, rightfully so. For the most part, the band sound sharp and ready to do big things live, given a little more time.

The band still have a few things to work out. Lead singer Lauren Mayberry is perfectably capable as a vocalist, it’s just she seems quite shy live. When synth-player Martin Doherty took the center spot and lead on vocals she seemed to relax a little more. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great voice and a perfect centerpiece of the band. I just think that after a few more legs in the tour that Chvrches will come back and be an even bigger force live.

Check out a gallery of photos from the show below, taken by Phil Khmelnitski.

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