Sans Parade is a new chamber-pop group from Finland lead by artists Jani Lehto, Markus Perttula and Pekka Tuppurainen. One listen to their debut single “The Last Song Is A Love Song” will take your breath away. That is, if you’ve got any human in you.

A sweeping wind of orchestration leads the way, only to be somehow overdone by the powerhouse vocals of Markus Perttula. This is music that is larger than life – yet it’s more human than anything else out there. Some parts MEW, some parts Sigur Ros, and maybe a hint of inspiration from Antony & the Johnsons. In terms of scope, this song is fucking massive man.

The single is being released by StarGazer Records. Their debut album will come next year. Stream it below along with it’s b-side “A Ballet In The Sea”.

Hit the jump to dive into the music video for “The Last Song Is A Love Song”:

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