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I’ve been always in the middle about Kid Cudi. In my humble opinion he’s at his best when he lets loose on his stoner raps. I’m not so much a fan of his attempts at singing, or his attempt at rock. Well his closing set at Governors was somewhere in between all of that.

He started by coming on a little late and complaining about the sound, complaining that he was going to lose his cool. Things got settled and he did his thing, and pretty well. He was in a decent groove for a while but it was once he slowed things down and put his voice to the test that he stumbled, and often hard. Cudi’s range as a singer is very limited, and it showed.

Overall the set tethered between the energetic and the slower stuff that was hurt by weak vocals. I really wanted to like Cudi’s set more, but I was ultimately underwhelmed by great lengths.

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