A vinyl rip has emerged of Panda Bear’s new You Can Count On Me 7″, just a few short hours after samples emerged on amazon.

“You Can Count On Me” is a short but inspirational song featuring harmonies that are equally inspirational and tranquil.

“Alsatian Darn” is an amazing journey through intricate melodies and vocal harmonies that are leaving my mind in a sweet, sweet, daze. I could just call his harmonies beautiful, but even that wouldn’t do them justice. Once again, the b-side emerges as my favorite.

These are decent enough rips of the songs, but I can only imagine how glorious they are going to sound in high quality.

Be sure to pre-order the 7″ from Domino. It’s officially released on October 19th.

Links taken down via Domino’s request. I want to personally apologize to all the parties I have offended by posting the stream. I shouldn’t have streamed them.

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