Just discovered a delightful young band called Dabbles In Bloom that is filled with 4 young musicians from Whitman College which is located in Walla Walla, Washington.

They just released their debut album Found It, and there are some really nice songs featured on it. With a light rock based sound, there is plenty of beauty to take away from their songs. The main focus is on quality song writing and music that is based upon human feelings.

You wouldn’t know that these were college kids from listening to their songs, they sound far from amateur. I’m really impressed. Hey Whitman College, you should be proud of Dabbles In Bloom, you have a real quality band at your hands.

Check out some of my favorite songs from their album (which you can stream at soundcloud)

Eclipse by Dabbles In Bloom

I Stepped Down by Dabbles In Bloom

Greetings by Dabbles In Bloom

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