It goes without saying that Klaxons new album is one of my most anticipated records right now. I really loved what the band did on Myths Of The Near Future, and I can’t wait to see their growth on their not too distant follow up, Surfing The Void.

We have only heard one song from the album so far, the not too shy, “Flashover”. That is until a radio rip of Surfer’s led single “Echoes” surfaced. Now Modular is offering up a high quality stream of the radio edit version of the song.

It reflects the bands ability to write a catchy tune, keeping the same sound that got them that Mercury Prize. The band sounds tighter with a little bit of more technical skills within their playing. They sing “Echoes” reflect our change, and while Klaxons haven’t changed all that much, but they have changed enough to keep our hopes up for another fantastic offering.

[mp3]: Klaxons – Echoes (Radio Edit)

You can pre-order the album right now from Modular. It drops on August 23rd in the UK. Oddly enough there is no official U.S. date yet…

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